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Adamite is a mineral composed by Zinc Arsenate Hidroxide, normally presents a green - yellow color, Mexican specimens are usually set on a red limonite matrix and can be associated with aragonite, austinite, calcite, mimetite, legrandite, limonite, paradamite and smithsonite

Physical Characteristics


Color: Green - Yellow, ocassionally purple/rose, rarely white
Luster: Adamantine, vitreous
Transparency: Transparent to translucent
Crystal System: Orthorhombic
Habits: Usually forms druses and radiating clusters of diamond shaped, doubly triangle terminated crystals
Fracture: Conchoideal, irregular/uneven
Cleavage: Perfect in two directions
Hardness: 3.5
Specific Gravity: 4.4
Streak: White to pale green
Other: Strong green fluorescence under short and long UV light
Occurrence: Mexico (Mapimí), USA (California and Utah), Greece