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Concepción del Oro, Zacatecas, Mexico


Another great mining town in Zacatecas is Concepción del Oro. The name of this town comes from the Latin ‘concebiré’ (to find) and from ‘aurus’ meaning gold that was used because of its abundance in the region. The foundation of Valle de San Gregorio de Mazapil, the region where Concepción del Oro belongs, was done by a Spaniard lieutenant called Enriquez and happened on October 4th, 1568. The mining area is located 250 Km northwest of the city of Zacatecas and is characterized by a temperate and dry climate. The exploitation of iron, lead, copper zinc and gold minerals continues to date.

Even though the importance of the town was based on mining, it also had some interesting buildings that made it a charming place. An example was the Purísima Concepción church, built at the beginning of the XIX century with several oculi that served to illuminate the natives on both sides. The lateral walls were reinforced with buttresses that were decorated with angels.

A few kilometres from the center of the city, one can find the Mazapil community which is where the Canadian company Gold Corp. opened a mine called Peñasquito with an investment that was equivalent to one third of the total precious metal extraction foreign investment accumulated in the previous ten years. Peñasquito is the largest gold mine in Mexico and from the global perspective it is classified as a super giant. Concepción del Oro was since colonial times a very important locality for the production of silver, copper and gold. Today its history continues and it seems there will be a lot more to write about it in the future.



Luis Lyons photo